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PAWPALACE is your one stop shop for all your dog solutions. We are introducing a new concept of socialistic 24×7 pet care boarding and daycare, where guests enjoy a variety of spacious play areas, a daycare dog park, and living rooms where they can feel like they never left their homes.

We are a force free facility and all our programs are enrichment based. All our services are provided by a team of professional vet nurses and handlers that enjoy teamwork and strongly believe in the well-being of all our guests.

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Here to help you with your pets

Pet parents are the happiest people on earth. As pet parents ourselves, we can vouch for that. From our endless interactions with pet parents, we created Pawpalace as an innovative, one-of-its-kind platform that caters to all your pet’s needs throughout their life cycle. Pawpalace is India’s first fully integrated pet solutions company that’s here to foster healthy and happy pet world.

We have a very low handler to dog ratio which means your dog will be closely supervised at all times, our cleaning and hygiene protocols are above the global standards and we only use pet friendly bio-organic cleaning materials.

Pawpalace is a force free facility, and our team is fully trained on positive reinforcement. We plan our play groups according to your dog’s needs, taking size, breed, age and exercise needs into account.

As we know our Paw-friends love to live thier life to the fullest and so do we.

“Loyalty is the best policy” -PawFriend

As our paw-friends play their hearts out, we are here to take care of their utmost safety

Play time is the best time and we make sure that it is indeed the best play time experience they have ever had

Everyday is the best day for your paw-friend with us and we celebrate everyday like a birthday.

Our Philosophy:

 We “Enhance the Joy of Pet Parenthood” by which we refer to our daycare services, designed to help dogs get safe socialization, exercise and education, ultimately making them better canine citizens that are better behaved around other dogs, other humans, at home and in public places. We also “Enable Dogs to Positively Change Our World” which is geared toward our work through the Pawpalace Foundation.

We believe that dogs are not only man’s best friend, but can be a friend to our communities through the work they do in the areas of autism, literacy and in support of veterans. .

2020 Spay & Neuter Fair

Low-cost spaying and neutering services at our Pet Heath Fair